January 10

How to Install a Pond Pump?

For some people, it will be easy to install a pond pump. However, if you are a beginner and you are creating your pond for the first time, then you might not know exactly how to install your pump.

How to Install a Pond Pump?

This can lead to other problems if you are not installing it correctly. This is why it is important to know exactly how to install the pond pump, remember the other information that you might need in order to install the pump correctly.

Choosing the Right Size Pump

Before you can install your pond pump, you need to make sure that you are choosing the best pond pump in the first place.

Buying the right size filter isn’t the only thing that you should consider before installing the pump. You need to make sure that you are purchasing the right size pump as well.

The size of the pump really does matter. The larger the pond, the larger the pump should be. If you don’t know if your pump is the right size, talk to a professional. He will give you the right advice.

Making a Filter Box

The other thing that you need to make sure about before you can install your pond pump, is to make a filter box.

Many people are purchasing one, and this isn’t necessary. With a bit of creativity, you can create a filter box, that is safe from getting wet, but that will be hidden.

You can make the box so that it looks like rocks. Or, you can cover the box with normal plants, to hide the box. There are even people that don’t hide the filter box and keep it visible and easy to access.

The choice is yours, but you need to make sure that your filter box is secure from getting wet or water onto the cables and wires.

Installing the Pump

Now, you are installing the pump. First of all, you should add a bit of water to the pond. Not too much at first. Secure the pump in the pond, making sure that there isn’t anything that will be in the way of the water flowing correctly.

Then, you can fill the pond up with water. Making sure that the pump is staying secure and that there aren’t any air bubbles in the tubes and pipes where the water should go to the filter. You can also follow the instructions that are coming with the pump.

Let It Run for at Least 24 Hours

If you think that you can now add our fish and live plants into the pond, you are wrong. There is still one important thing that you should do first. You should run the pump and filter for at least 24 hours.

This is to make sure that the pump is working correctly and that the filter is filtrating water, making the water safe for the fish and the water plants.

People think that this is unnecessary. However, so many people have fish that died within the first day or two after installing the pond pump. And, they can’t understand why.

Most of the time, it is because they have forgotten about this step. Letting the pump and filter run for 24 hours before adding the fish.

Adding the Fish and Plants into the Pump

Now, after the pump has run for 24 hours, now you can start adding your fish and plants to the pond. Remember, that the pump should always be running.

When you are adding the fish, make sure that they have adjusted to the pond water, before releasing them from their airbags. This is an important step to aquarium fish, and it is important to pond fish as well.

Buying and installing a pond pump isn’t as hard as you might think. However, you still need to make sure that everything is installed correctly before you can start adding your fish.

If the pump isn’t working correctly, and the filter doesn’t fit correctly onto the pump, you might have dyeing fish, before you realize it. With all this information and installation guide, you will know for sure that you are going to have healthy fish that are happy in their new environment. Your fish pond.