February 21

How to Make a Betta Filter?

A filter is something that is really important to any fish tank. However, this is even more important to a betta fish tank.

But, because the filters are so expensive, it is hard for people to purchase the right filter. Or, they don’t really know what type of filter to purchase. This can make people frustrated or they might not start their own aquarium.

Filter for Betta Fish

But, there is a cheaper, better way to get your hands on a betta filter. By making one yourself. And, the best part is that this isn’t expensive either. All that you need, is to have a couple of tools, equipment and some time. And, you will have a filter that is working the same as the more expensive ones that you purchase in the store. These are the steps on how to make your own betta filter:

A plastic tube that fits onto your pump

The first thing that you should do is to purchase a plastic tube like a PVC pipe. You can’t just purchase any pipe, you need to make sure that it fits onto your pump of the powerhead’s intake valve.

If you don’t use the right tube, the process will not work correctly. It is important that the pipe is fitted completely on the intake valve, and that you are purchasing the right pipe. These are pipes that you normally can find in hardware stores.

Buying a filter sponge

The second thing that you should do is to buy a filter sponge. You can’t just use any sponge, because it isn’t suitable for an aquarium. With the right filter sponge, you should cut it to the right length. The length of the sponge will depend on the size of the aquarium. You should not have the sponge too large or too small.

This is an important part of the filter, and this is the part that you should make correctly. Otherwise, your filter will not work correctly. You will be able to find the right filter sponge at a fish store, or pet store.

Marking the tube and making holes

You place the sponge next to the tube and make sure that you are marking the tube, where the sponge go. The marking of the sponge should be at the top of the sponge when you are putting the tube next to the sponge.

With this done, you should make holes underneath that mark. This is going to be the part that is going through the sponge later on, and you need to make sure that you have enough holes in the PVC pipe. If you aren’t doing this step, your filter will not work, and you might even burn out your powerhead.

The bottom of the tube

The bottom part of the tube should be plugged. The water should go through the holes you were making, and not through the bottom of the tube. Many people are forgetting about this step, and if their filter doesn’t work correctly, they will not really understand why their filter isn’t working.

Just remember that the plug should be aquarium safe. Fish can die if you are using the wrong items in the fish tank.

Making a hole in the sponge

In the middle of the sponge, you are making a whole. The hole should be big enough for the PVC pipe to go through. You can make the whole with your finger, or any other tool that you might have.

You can force the pipe through the sponge, but there is no guarantee that this will work with your sponge. It is better to make the whole and to ensure that all the pieces are removed from the tank.

Connect the rubber airline tube

The only thing that is left to do, is to connect the rubber airline tube to the powerhead. This is the part that is flushing the water out of the filter again. The rubber airline tube can be any size, but it should still fit completely on the powerhead to get the most out of your filter.

Now, the only thing that you should do, is to switch on the powerhead to see if the filter is working correctly. You should also make sure that you are cleaning the filter on a regular basis. Otherwise, the sponge will not absorb the filth of the water and tank anymore.

Yes, you can make this betta filter to ensure that your water is cleaned. Filters are expensive but necessary. And, if you can’t afford one, this method will ensure that you can make your own one. A filter that is really going to work and that will make sure that you are going to save lots of money. The only thing that you should consider, is that the filter needs to be made correctly in order for it to work just like a bought betta filter.