August 16

Themed Tanks & Light for Diablo

Themed Tanks

I did some redecorating for my three tanks and came up with some themes for two of them. I love playing around with the decorations! (Hope my fishies enjoy the scenery as well!)

My favorite one is Diablo’s 2.5-gallon tank. It’s a zen themed tank … also green-themed. Very green in there. Diablo seems to enjoy having the vines to swim around now. (I also got a brighter clip-on light; the reading light was actually bugging me a lot).

This is my Spongebob Squarepants themed tank. Very colorful! I should have picked up more characters!! I wish I did, but all I have right now is Spongebob and Patrick. It does kind of look like a mess of decorations, but I also think it’s got a “wild” and cartoon look to it!

Last but not least is this 5.5-gallon tank that Ernie lives in. It doesn’t really have a theme per se (kind of looks like a pond … pond themed?) but I like the way the decorations all kind of came together. If I had a more natural colored gravel I think it would look even better.

Light for Diablo

My 5.5-gallon tank (the one that Ernie lives in) had its lightbulb die recently, so I went to purchase a new one. It also occurred to me I should probably stop putting off getting some sort of light device for Diablo, who lives in the 2.5 gallons. His tank is often very dark, even in the daytime because he doesn’t have any lights in his tank.

I recently got a bonus $5 off “coupon” thing to my Indigo/Chapters membership, so I figured I should use it to buy a light for Diablo. I knew Chapters sells clip on reading lights, so I thought that would be perfect for Diablo’s tank, since it is a small tank. Also, I don’t really have any more room in the wall socket for another thing to plug into (even with the extra-sockets plug I put in), so a clip-on light would be perfect since they use batteries. I found this one at Chapters, it was on sale for $10, and with my coupon, I got it for $5! I was pretty pleased with myself. I like how it can split into two lights, I thought it would be a nice way to distribute the light better in Diablo’s tank.

It clips on great, but as you can see, it is NOWHERE as bright as a proper aquarium light. However, keep in mind: I took this photo with my camera phone, so the photo *is* a little darker than real life; and also, the room is dark with no lights on right now. Normally the room light will be on as well, so it’ll be a *little* brighter still. However, despite all that, it’s a little on the dim side. It didn’t occur to me that a reading light is obviously not going to be as bright as a proper aquarium light.

On the other hand, with no light at all, this is how Diablo has been spending the last few months. It’s definitely an improvement, albeit a small one. I’m okay with the new light for now. Obviously, I would have loved it if its brighter, but that is, unfortunately, already the brightest setting. Diablo’s not going to DIE without a light fixture though, so I’m not really worried. I am hoping in the future I can upgrade Diablo to a tank the same size as his neighbour’s, but we shall see ….

I just want to add, this light appears to be a kickass reading light though, I did try clipping it to an actual book.

August 16

Why You Should Use the Reverse Osmosis System for Aquarium

Reverse Osmosis system for aquarium

When you have an aquarium, you might want to know why you should invest in the reverse osmosis system. There are so many different systems that you can buy and install in your aquarium so that you can have healthy fish, that it can be hard to know which one is the best to buy.

These are some of the most important reasons why you should consider the reverse osmosis system for your aquarium:

Reverse Osmosis system for aquarium

Getting softer water

The first reason and the most essential reason for using the reverse osmosis system for an aquarium are the facts that you are going to give fresh, clean water. However, you are also going to ensure that you add soft water to your aquarium.

There are some really negative things that can happen when you are going to add hard water to your aquarium instead of soft water. Many people think that you don’t need to add a specific type of water to your tank, but at the end of the day, the fish in the tank will be much healthier.

Get rid of toxins and chemicals out of the water

Tap water might be drinkable for you, but this doesn’t mean that it is going to be safe for your fish. There are many toxins and chemicals in the water that can be dangerous for your fish, and even for you.

This is where the reverse osmosis system comes in. This system is ensuring that you are going to get the cleanest water that doesn’t have any toxins and chemicals that can harm the fish in any way. Something that you can’t be sure of when you are using normal tap water.

It is easy to install

There are some of these water purifying systems that you can purchase for your aquariums, but not all of them are really easy to install and to use. So many of them are hard to install and you might even need to hire someone to get it installed in your fish tank.

However, this isn’t going to be the case with the reverse osmosis system. The system is easy to install and you will not struggle for a long period before you are getting the system working on your aquarium.

It is great for all fish and plants

The reverse osmosis system is great for all fish and plants. It doesn’t really matter what type of fish or water plants you have in the aquarium, using this system is going to be great and healthy for all of them.

When you are purchasing and installing the reverse osmosis system into your aquarium, you are going to make sure that you have the healthiest fish and plants. This is only one of the benefits that you can have with using this system with your aquarium. There are many other benefits of this system for your fish and for you with the maintenance of the aquarium. With this system, you will not worry again about the water quality that, you are going to pour into the tank.

January 13

How often to clean canister filters?

Even if you purchased the best canister filter, you should still know that you should clean it regularly. There are many things that you should know about cleaning your canister filter, and when you actually should clean it. Many people have questions about cleaning the canister filter, and here is some information to answer these questions.

When you should clean your canister filter

Clean canister filter

Many people are wondering how frequently they should clean the canister filter. The answer is quite simple for most people: You should clean your filter when you can visibly see that the filter is filthy and needs cleaning.

However, you should know that you should only clean the filter after you have cleaned the fish tank. It is recommended that you do not clean the filter the same day as the fish tank. You should wait for a couple of days, or even better, a week before you start cleaning the filter.

Things you should remember when cleaning the filter

You should remember a couple of things when you are cleaning your canister filter. Especially, if this is the first time that you have this type of filter.

You should be making sure about the cleaning method that you should use for cleaning your type of canister filter. Different filters require different cleaning methods. This means that you should read the package of the filter and the instructions really carefully. This is the only way to ensure that you are cleaning the filter correctly.

The mechanical canister filter

If you have the mechanical canister filter, you will see that there is a sponge or pad inside. This is the thing that you should be cleaning from the canister. You should use the fish tank water to clean the sponge or pad. Do not use tap water, this isn’t going to be healthy for your fish.

Canister Filter

This type of filter does not need, as much cleaning as what you might think, so do not clean this filter every week.  You should also look for when the sponge and the pad might need replacement.

Chemical cleaners

Most people prefer the chemical cleaners, because it cleans a lot easier than the mechanical filers. You only should replace the carbon on a regular basis. It is recommended that you should clean the carbon weekly or when the water is getting cloudy. It depends on which one of these is happening first.

There is not any other cleaning involved with the chemical canister cleaner. It is essential to remember to clean the carbon regularly; otherwise, you might end up with sick and dying fish.

There are many things that you might want to know about cleaning the best canister filters. There are not many things that you should know, because canister filters are easy to clean. You should clean the filters when you can see that the filters are filthy. You should also remember to use fish tank water to clean out your canister filters so that you can protect your fish and to keep them healthy. With this guidance, you will have a fish tank that is clean and that are prolonging the life of the fish.